the menue

a range of

Drinks: Köstritzer Black Beer, Bitburger Beer, Wheat Beer
Tea, Coffee: Eastern frisia tea served with cream, German coffee, chinese green tea
Wine: Dornfelder red wine, Austian white wine
Appetizer: Bruscietta, Aioli, Meetballs, Creamy quark with herbs
Soup: Tomato soup, Vegetable soup, Mushroom soup
Salad: Mixed salad with tuna, Tomato salad, Mixed salad with cheese, ham and egg
Main course: Escalope Vienna, Meatballs with mustard, Beef roulade, Rumpsteak, Filet Filet Filet steak, Chicken Wings, Spaghetti, Pizza
Sweets: Icecream Häagen-Dazs, Apple pie, Semolina pudding
front view of our local eating area - inddoor
private area sun protected outdoor seats